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Accelerating ASEAN-Australia digital trade

Chantal Guay Appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Standards Council of Canada

ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Survey

A joint ASEAN-Australia survey has been launched in support of the ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Standards Cooperation Initiative. The ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Initiative is a project to strengthen the economic integration and trade between ASEAN and Australia. The initiative aims to promote digital trade and support digital inclusiveness across ASEAN member states and Australia, particularly through the promotion of international standards.

To support this project, the ASEAN-Australia Digital Trade Standards Survey has been developed to assess the ASEAN region’s digital readiness and the current utilisation of national and international standards. It aims to determine areas of opportunity for digital standards harmonisation, technical alignment, regulatory coherence, and policy cooperation and also uncover knowledge and participation gaps across the digital trade sphere.

Standards Australia encourages all ASEAN members of PASC to contribute to the survey. ASEAN and Australia are grateful for all inputs – from an individual, organisation or state level.

The survey is open until Monday, 26 March 2018.


Support the Capabilities of PASC Capacity Building – Complete the Online Survey

PASC Working Group 3 has developed a Questionnaire on Capacity Building Needs in order to support the future work of capacity building across the PASC members.

Your attention to completing the survey in a timely manner would be appreciated.

The survey is available online here:


For any questions, please contact Lucy at

New ISO Technical Committee Established for Ageing Societies

Earlier this year the British Standards Institute (BSI) submitted a proposal for a New Field of Technical Activity, including the establishment of a new Technical Committee: Ageing Societies.

The scope of the activity is: Standardization in the field of ageing societies.

Following broad consultation and strong international support throughout ISO members, the ISO TMB has approved the establishment of the new ISO TC Ageing Societies. The secretariat has been allocated to BSI.

The new Technical Committee on Ageing Societies aligns with the recent APEC SCSC initiative on the Silver Economy that was supported and contributed to by many PASC members. The project, The Role of Standards and Innovation in Driving the Silver Economy, highlighted both the challenges and opportunities that are fashioned by the ageing population in the Asia Pacific region.

Standards Australia urges PASC members to continue to positively contribute to this important initiative to leverage the economic, health and social benefits that standardisation can provide to ageing societies and the broader community.


APEC Silver Economy – Next Steps

Recently, Standards Australia attended the APEC Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC) meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam and presented on the APEC Silver Economy outcomes and workshop recommendations report. We are pleased to advise that APEC SCSC endorsed all the four key recommendations:

  1. Recommendation One – APEC should accelerate and mainstream efforts in supporting Ageing Societies.
  2. Recommendation Two – APEC SCSC should develop a 3-5 year Standardization and Innovation Roadmap to identify gaps, priorities and actions (at the Member Economy and regional level) to chart the way forward.
  3. Recommendation Three – APEC should commit more funding and resources to support silver economy initiatives that harmonize standards and conformity assessment procedures, foster innovation, disseminate knowledge and promote Good Regulatory Practices.
  4. Recommendation Four – Develop Standards Information Portal within APEC’s website to promote standardization activities, exchanges of information, research and sharing of resources to support the silver economy opportunity.

Based on the APEC member economies’ feedback, Australia plans to submit a Concept Note in 2018 to take forward the recommendations.

Again we want to sincerely thank PASC for supporting us on this important initiative and look forward to working with you all in 2018!


ISO New Field of Technical Activity – Ageing Societies

On a related standardisation matter the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has circulated a proposal for a new ISO Technical Committee (TC) on Ageing Societies.

Scope: Standardization in the field of Ageing Societies.

If approved, the new technical committee will develop standards and standardization documents with the main aim of promoting lifelong support and quality of life in ageing populations.

ISO members can provide their position on the proposal for this new field of technical activity by 26 October 2017. If you require any further information, please contact your PASC member for more details.

John Walter – PASC Meritorious Service Award 2017

PASC members have unanimously supported Mr John Walter as the recipient of the 2017 PASC Meritorious Award. The award has been given to recognise John’s  significant contributions to PASC for many years, especially his leadership and guidance in the formulation of the PASC Strategic Plan for 2016 -2020 and PASC’s inputs to the development of the ISO Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020. He has also been instrumental in establishing a closer working relationship between PASC and ISO in his role as ISO VP for Policy as well as establishing a stronger partnership between PASC and COPANT in the last three years.

Release of Issues Paper to Support APEC’s Silver Economy

Standards Australia has today released an Issues Paper titled The Role of Standards and Innovation for Driving APEC’s Silver Economy, providing insights to assist Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies to prepare for the challenges and opportunities created by ageing societies.

In 2016, Standards Australia and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, on behalf of the Australian Government, commenced an APEC project to examine how standards and innovation can support the multifaceted societal challenge facing APEC member economies.

This Issues Paper, the first of its kind in APEC, has been produced by Standards Australia and is based on the results of a region wide survey conducted late last year. The findings and insights will form the foundation of a workshop to be hosted by Standards Australia in Sydney on 4-5 April 2017.

The report has recommended that:

  1. There is strong support to make the silver economy issues mainstream in APEC’s broader agenda. Ageing populations within society can be seen as a driver of future business opportunities and economic growth.
  2. There is an identified need to develop a Voluntary Action Plan which includes adopting and using international standards to foster innovation solutions.
  3. APEC should consider developing a five-year silver economy standardisation roadmap with a focus on leveraging a range of sectoral standards and innovation supported by National Standards Bodies (NSBs).
  4. Before the baby-boom generation retires, APEC members have a window of opportunity to tackle these challenges. However, the APEC survey highlights that the community is largely unware of their governments’ and NSB’s work to prepare for the silver economy.
  5. APEC should consider funding pilot projects that link standards and innovation to create new products, services and technologies to address market gaps.

ISO workshop on the sharing economy hosted by SCC

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC),  in collaboration with CSA Group (Canadian Standards Association), and ISED Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) are hosting an international discussion to identify standardization solutions that support an effective and efficient shared and collaborative economy. The event will take place March 21-23, 2017, at the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.  Additional information about the event can be found at the following link:

This meeting is open to experts nominated by an ISO National Standard Body or an international organization that could be considered as an international liaison. Please feel free to email Ms. Suzanna Ersoy at if you have any additional questions and/or clarifications.

Registration for The Role of Standards and Innovation for Driving APEC’s Silver Economy Workshop Now Open

An Invitation to Participate

The Australian Government – Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and Standards Australia with the endorsement of the APEC’s Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance, invites APEC member economy stakeholders to attend this two-day Silver Economy Standards and Innovation Workshop in Sydney, Australia.

The APEC workshop will focus on how standards and innovation can support the growth of the Silver Economy. The workshop will also generate a dialogue to share information, know-how and experiences to deepen regional collaboration to address the enormous challenges, issues and opportunities member economies face. The workshop will deliver a Silver Economy Standards and Innovation Framework to assist APEC in coordinating efforts to identify and capitalise on the increasing demand for innovative products and services to support our ageing populations.

Who Should Attend?

Participants are particularly invited from diverse stakeholders including; Innovators, Technology Start Ups, National Standards Bodies, Governments, Regulators, Trade Promotion Organisations, Small to Medium Sized Enterprises, Member-based Industry Associations, Consumer Organisations, Professional and Technical Organisations, Think Tanks, Academia and the ICT and Health/Medical industries. Ideally, National Standards Body representatives should be involved in stakeholder engagement or standards development.

Participant responsibilities include delivering presentations (where nominated), actively participating in workshop discussions, sharing views and experiences and engaging in networking sessions/breakout groups. A final agenda and program will be forwarded to participants as soon as it is available.

All APEC Member economies are invited to participate. Travel-eligible economies may designate two participants for APEC project-funded travel.

* Please note that once you have submitted your registration form, Standards Australia will contact you by email to confirm your attendance at the APEC workshop. To discuss the participation of additional attendees please contact

Registration and Nomination forms are to be completed online and registrations are due to by Close of Business, Friday 17 March 2017.

Note: The following eleven APEC member economies are considered “travel-eligible” Chile; China; Indonesia; Malaysia; Mexico; Papua New Guinea; The Philippines; Peru; Russia; Thailand and Viet Nam. Funding will also be available for approved speakers/presenters.

Enquiries about the nomination form can be directed to:

Mr Damian Fisher
Senior International Development Manager, Standards Australia

Tel: 61 2 9237 6098 or